Due to the process of implementing Html5 to our program, it will not be possible to buy new licenses until the new version is ready.
To You who already have bought a license, we apologize for any inconveniences that may occur, and Your license will be extended 12 months as soon as the new version is ready.
We expect that the new version will be ready by the end of May 2021.


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Does it matter how we type?

Does it matter how we type? Yes! Touch typing is an example of cognitive automaticity, the ability to do things without conscious attention or awareness...when we type without looking at the keys on our keyboard we are multi-tasking...we can write at the speed of thought!

The above statement wasn't written by us, but by Anne Trubek, writer, for WIRED magazine (MIT Tech Review) and she describes the skill of touch typing pefectly.

So while there's no doubt that learning to touch type will enable you to write infinitely faster on a keyboard, helping you become more productive on a computer at home, at school or in the workplace - the very best thing about being able to touch type is the ability to type ridiculously fast and accurately without actually thinking about it, allowing you to focus on what you are typing instead of on the actual typing process (which is extremely repetetive and boring).

Give yourself a head start in this digital world we live in and join the hundreds of thousands of computer users around the world (aged 8yrs+) who have already trained for a faster, smarter future with Keyboard Pro. It's easier than you might think and the benefits will last you a lifetime!

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